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Fingerprint Portraits

Fingerprint: Welcome

Ocean Spiced

Single blue coloured print with spiced texture.

Fingerprint Scan_10_4 JPG.jpg
Fingerprint Fire.jpg

Fire Spiced

Single red colour for this spiced fingerprint.

Spiced Monotint

Many waves spreading on this black&wite fingerprint

Fingerprint Scan_9.jpg

Coloured Spiced

Multiple coloured fingerprint with spiced texture

Spiced Monotint 2

Static big ruffles on this monochrome fingerprint with spiced texture

Fingerprint Scan_5.jpg
Fingerprint: Projects
Logo v15 white 110.jpg


Artistic Microscopy

Fingerprint: About

Any request?

Please contact CelulART for any inquiries or commission requests.

Thanks for submitting!

Fingerprint: Contact
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