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Hair Portraits

Hair: Welcome

Single in a Knot

Coloured image of a single hair in a knot with itself.

HAIR Yellow JPG.jpg
Complex knot v2b.jpg

Combined Knot

3 members of the same core family entangled in a knot

Single in Pieces

Short hair from a single person is cut in pieces and disposed together.

Jacquie_Aylvin-Dad_ETD_10 JPG2.jpg
Circular knot v0.jpg

Combined in a Knot

Coloured hair from 3 individuals in a knot.

Family Knot

Coloured knot from a family with 3 members

Detailed 3 hairs.jpg

Close up Texture

Hairs from a single family
were different identity in texture can be seen.

Hair: Projects
Logo v15 white 110.jpg


Artistic Microscopy

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Please contact CelulART for any inquiries or commission requests.

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