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Artistic Microscopy

CelulART is artistic microscopy.

Scientists have remarkable experiences in the lab while casing to understand the world. On that journey, we see astonishing images through microscopes.

CelulART wants to share it with you!

Artistic microscopy was initially explored in the Mediterranean island of Mallorca, in 2012 -eight years ago.

A boost followed when 4BlueCells startup was launched at the MERLN,

Institute for Technology-Inspired Regenerative Medicine in The Netherlands (2016).

4BlueCells founders were Angad Malhotra, Ziryan Othman, Erik Vrij and Ivan Lorenzo-Moldero. 

Together we developed personalised products. 

The journey is still alive with CelulART.

Now besides specific personalised products, we offer wide range of possibilities.

We create any kind of artistic and customised artwork for different purposes.

CelulART founder is Ivan. 

Ivan is a biotech associate at CiMaas, where they develop cellular immunotherapies to cure cancer.

Additionally, Ivan is a scientist with passion for artistic microscopy.

More than 20 years experience in biomedical technology: 3D, iPS & primary cell culture, in vitro cell modelling, tissue engineering, genome editing, retroviral tools, cell physiology and microscopy. 

CelulART combines very specialised skills in sample preparation, microscopy and art. 

CelulART delivers:

- unique personalised portraits.

- art to approach any concept.

- solutions for brand awareness.

Discover artistic microscopy with CelulART.



Artistic Microscopy