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Artistic Microscopy

CelulART is Artistic Microscopy.

CelulART explores Artistic expression using Science and Technology.

It is beyond beauty, shapes, colours, texture and depth... 

Creative expression at the microscopic dimension:

conceptualisation, sample preparation, microscopy and colouring.

CelulART was born in the Mediterranean island of Mallorca, back in 2012.

The project was boosted with 4BlueCells, a startup launched at the MERLN,

Institute for Technology-Inspired Regenerative Medicine in NL (2016-2018).

CelulART is alive with its own vital energy.

CelulART founder is Ivan. 

An active biomedical researcher today

developing cell-based therapies to cure cancer.

- Personalised portraits, from your own cells and tissues.

- Customised artworks, for unusual expression.

- Artistic projects, for conceptual exploration.

Discover artistic microscopy with CelulART.

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Artistic Microscopy

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