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How it works

Artistic microscopy made fun and easy.

How it works: Welcome

Prints on demand

Get exclusive prints shipped to you.

1. Choose an artwork from Portfolio

CelulART has an extensive photo gallery available upon request.

2. Select size and printing support

  • Acrylic block (20x15)cm. Price: 110€

  • Canvas (80x60)cm. Price: 210€

  • Acrylic Gallery (80x60). Price: 420€

Prices are illustrative.

Multiple sizes are available.

Delivery cost is included.

Taxes are excluded.

3. Request your print

Contact to request a print using the form below or sending an email to
Delivery time is 7-10 days.

How it works: Musings & Thoughts

Personlized Microscopy Artworks

Simply made in 3 steps. 

We are in touch through all the artistic journey.

1. Artwork Design

Contact to request a quote.
Approve the specific artwork designed for you.

2. Sample Collection

A kit is shipped to you. It includes instructions and a container to easily collect your sample.
Ship the sample back to our laboratory.

3. Delivery

Your digital image is delivered in 6-8 weeks.
Printing services are possible upon request.

How it works: Musings & Thoughts

Working with passion for artistic microscopy

How it works: Quote

Advanced Core Services

CelulART has developed unique combination of skills in sample preparation, microscopy and art.

1. Sample Preparation

Extensive knowledge in Science, specifically including Biomedicine, Cell Biology, and Biomaterials.
Our knowledge enables to design personalised and customised artworks.
We go beyond design and prepare your sample at the microscopic dimension.

2. Microscopy

Advanced electron microscopes (SEM) are used to get sharp photos, which show spectacular sense of depth and contrast.
Using electrons, the micro-world can be displayed with astonishing detail, showing amazing textures and shapes appear.
Expertise in using SEM microscopes to acquire high quality photos.

3. Art

With 7-years exploring artistic microscopy, we deliver portraits and concepts with high standards of beauty and impact.
Eventually, we display at the microscopic dimension whatever you want to show or express.
Each artwork has a story to explain. Visit Portfolio to read our illustrated stories.

How it works: Musings & Thoughts
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Artistic Microscopy

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