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Microscopy Products

Personalised Portraits from your own cells and tissues.

Artistic Works to explain the story you like.

Customised Solutions for branding.




Photographic images of you.

- Hair

- Blood Cells

- Fingerprint

Keep important life memories. 

Make surprising and amazing gifts.




Express whatever you want at the microscopic dimension.

Artistic works aligned with

our scientific and technological society.




Improve brand awareness,

showing the core of your products.

Stand out with a unique scope,

using innovative visuals.

Create surprising artworks with CelulART.

Contact to explore specific solutions.

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Personalised Portraits

Easy and affordable access.
Truly personalised microscopy portraits. 
A friendly and safe kit is provided to collect your hair, blood cells and fingerprint.


Hair Portraits

Every hair has its unique texture

Hair can be arranged in different ways: making a knot, cut in pieces, taking a photo from very close up and far off.

Hair from 1-5 individuals can be combined and identified in a single photo.

Hair Portraits
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Blood Cells Portraits

Blood cells nurse our bodies

Blood cells are pain-free collected using pain-free method and placed on cotton fibers or wood.

Blood cells from 1-3 individuals can be combined in a single photo.

Blood Cells Portraits
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Fingerprint Portrait

Absolute personal touch

We all have a very unique print in our fingers.

Discover your print within a depth of a silicone mold.

Fingerprint Portraits
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Artistic Works

Beautiful and infinite microscopy possibilities.


Artistic works at the microscopic dimension.

Versatile sample preparation

to illustrate multiple concepts and stories.

It is possible to arrange different compositions. 

We can handle cells, natural and technological materials.  

Arrange it using different recipes developed in-house.

Do you have any peculiar idea?

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Customised Solutions for Branding

Show where your value at the cellular level


Show your elegant inherent value.

Catch attention in today's accelerated business environment with visual and illustrative microscopy.

Empower your business branding with

revolutionary and cutting-edge visuals.

Integrated service solutions.

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Artistic Microscopy

Any request?

Thanks for submitting!

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