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In the 2018 superhero film Avengers:

Infinity War, Tony Stark’s Mark 50 Iron Man suit is based upon nanoparticles made from a titanium-gold alloy.

Here there is a combination of nanoparticles in gold with a red human fingerprint moulded by Barry Fitzgerald.

Barry is a research scientist and genuine superhero enthusiast.

BW Science uses popular culture icons such as Iron Man to explain the science behind superpowers, and the state-of-the-art scientific research that could lead to the introduction of superpowers into society in a safe, responsible, and sustainable way.

Titanium is a smart choice for the suit given its durability, high tensile strength, flexibility of application, and biocompatibility.

Humanity and Technology to achieve extreme performance!



The 50th anniversary of a beloved couple was celebrated with this memory.

Here they are merged and shaped like a vineyard. Their mixed blood cells are hanging on a strand.

Like wine, they became better and better the longer they are together.

Shell with crystals.jpg

Crystals of Life

Life explodes in the Mediterranean Sea.

A place where multiple cultures meet and biodiversity blooms.

Here a shell is sprinkled with sea-salt.

Life is full of contrasts.

It creates organic curvy lines combined with straight salty ones.

This blue-coloured image on monochrome background is a gift.

It is made for someone that brings life and wisdom to the world.

Like the sea.

guitar (1)_900x421.jpg


The concept here is to put your deepest part of your body onto your passion.

Bronze windings of the guitar string sit as mountains in comparison to the tiny blood cells.

The musical poster concept is reminiscent of

the famous lyrics of the Bryan Adams' song

based on the Summer of 69, played guitar ‘til my fingers bleed.

Complex knot Colored v10_edited.jpg

Tight Union

Is it possible!?

She is form Poland. He is form Spain.

It was very unlikely they would meet in life.

However, it happened. Unexpectedly!

They met while feeling the warm of the sun.

Their love brought a baby to this world. They got a daughter.

Over years, she continuous growing and becoming a little person.

This hair portrait is a memory of the family they became. 

United together.


Autumn Touch

This print was made with determination.

When Autumn approaches, it is clear a change is coming.

Nothing will stop it!

A fresh atmosphere becomes as present as the new colors in Nature…. yellows, browns, oranges, and reds.

It is marvelous to be in the forest in such time!

With the same determination as Autumn, she moves towards her goals.

The owner of this fingerprint has it clear, to leave her mark full of colors.

Good Bye Horitz_edited_edited.jpg

Good Bye

A long time friend of mine knew his life would end soon.

He called me and ask: please can you come to me soon?

Another close friend and I flew to meet him as quick as possible.

Something memorable happened during our last encounter: we just spent it together while sharing our life experiences.

This artwork was our chance to cherish his memory. He gave his blood while still alive.

Part of his essence is captured here. His blood cells lay softly on these natural strands.

It is an honor to gently remember my friend like this.

ID4 Pollen v2 ExpoNatura_edited.jpg

Flying Far Away

Pine polen flies away.

This grain does it very far away.

Could you reach new lands by flying with balloons filled with air?

Pine polen has air sacks to float and reach new lands!

Look at this, it is pinus sylvestris.

The grain has two big lobes. They are the air sacks.

They make polen so extremely light, that it can be blown with the wind.

Pine polen grains fly due to its two inflated air sacks!


4 Blue Cells

A project became true.

Beautiful portraits at the microscopic dimension.

Our own blood cells on solid wood.

4 scientists joined to do a crazy dream. A start-up was born in the Netherlands.

It looked like a joke: a Dutch, an Australian, a Kurd and a Catalan.

We worked with fulfilment to show it was possible.

When the past is gone like dusk to dawn.

When 4 Blue Cells doesn’t exist anymore.

When oneself recognises in the past who is today.

There is gratitude.

Working on a Pottery Wheel

EXHIBITION: El Cos del Pol·len


Artistic Microscopy

with Sculpture 

In collaboration with Esther Pi

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Artistic Microscopy

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